Bethany College Swedish Crafts program is at the Kansas State Fair! Please visit the Pride of Kansas building to shop at Booth 32. Bethany College Swedish Crafts have unique brooms, bowls, and other items hand-crafted by students and instructors

The Bethany College Swedish Crafts Program provides students with an opportunity to learn how to make hand-crafted objects that celebrate the Lindsborg community’s rich history in the arts and Swedish culture.  Students learn the value of hand skills, the potentials of collaboration, and the necessity of servant leadership.  This program prepares students to contribute on a larger scale to the local community and to the world. We will strive to produce fine arts and crafts leaders with a strong work ethic. Students will engage real-world business practices, from making to selling to shipping.  We do not just teach production, but how to lead and create beyond what we have established.

Bethany College is committed to offering distinctive experiences for students, such as the Swedes to Sweden initiative, and now the Swedish Crafts Program. It is our desire to instill a respect for tradition and a respect for the handmade, craftsmanship, design, and for art. We are not just making crafted objects; we are making people who strive to represent the many aspects of Bethany’s identity. We will connect Bethany’s past, present, and future.

These Swedish inspired crafts celebrate diversity within our learning community. Our students will learn creative problem solving and diverse intellectual experiences within the craft program. The Swedish craft program offers multicultural educational experiences to the public, enriching the arts experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and the Lindsborg community.