To celebrate All Saints Day at Bethany College, during Chapel Break, we dedicated several memorial gifts.

The family of Pastor Paul O. Doering gifted the college a beautiful set of white paraments, designed for our space. They feature the dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit. Paul was a parish pastor who served in Missouri and Oklahoma, sending more than 20 students to Bethany College. He believed deeply in education at a church related college. His son and daughter-in-law, Tad and Mary Doering were instrumental in the design of the paraments and were present for the dedication.

Bethany’s own graphic designer, Frank Ballew, has, over the years, created some amazing artwork. Today, three of Frank’s pencil drawings were dedicated in memory of Col. Bud Rothgeb, former Bethany faculty and dear family friend to the Ballew’s.

Bud served in the military, striving to live connecting with people from all walks of life. He opened the pathway for women to serve in the Air Force and worked to always accompany people to find their God-given talents and use them in their vocational callings. Today, Frank and his wife Jean, as well as Bud’s widow, Cheryl Rothgeb, were present for the dedication.

We give thanks for all those who live in the faith, who share the good news of God’s salvation for us through Jesus Christ!