Bethany offers attractive benefits packages, including paid vacation, health and dental benefits, and tuition remission for employees and dependents. Bethany employees also are able to take advantage of the many music, theatre, athletic and lecture opportunities on campus—all for free.

Health Insurance

Bethany College offers a Group Health Insurance option, which includes major medical and prescription coverage for eligible employees, as well as a vision exam. The college pays 65% of the single premium and 30% of dependents for full-time employees and a pro-rata share for less than full-time employees. The balance is paid through payroll deduction. Employees have 30 days from the initial date of employment to sign up for health insurance. Plans end December 31 each year. Premium adjustments will be effective in the December paycheck.

Dental Insurance

Bethany College provides eligible employees a group dental plan option which includes employee and dependent benefits for preventive dental, restorative, and extensive dental services. Orthodontics are not a covered service. The college contributes 50% of the cost for the single premium only. The balance is paid through payroll deduction. Employees have 30 days from the initial date of employment to sign up for dental insurance. Plans end December 31 each year. Premium adjustments will be effective in the December paycheck.

Section 125 Benefits

Eligible employees may participate in the college Section 125 flexible fringe benefit plan for additional benefits (supplemental and/or pretax plans including disability insurance, life insurance, cancer insurance, medical reimbursement, and dependent care, etc.) at employee’s expense.

Life Insurance

A $10,000 life insurance policy is provided after completion of sixty days of employment for all full-time employees; $7,500 for 3/4 time employees; and $5,000 for half-time employees. The college pays all costs of policy. New employees can participate, after 60 days of employment, in additional life insurance options. The premium is paid by the employee though payroll deduction. Please contact human resources for rates and enrollment.

TIAA Disability

The college provides total disability insurance to eligible employees following twelve months of continuous employment. The college pays all costs of insurance.

Tuition Remission

Bethany College provides full tuition remission for all eligible employees beginning at the start of the semester following date of employment, restricted to one class during normal workday each semester. (Not available during Interterm or Summer School unless evening class.) Other classes may be taken that do not interfere with the normal work schedule. Tuition remission for spouses and unmarried dependent children is dependent on employment status, i.e. full-time, part-time, and is available at the start of the semester following date of employment of family member. Tuition remission is not available after the add period ends for a semester. Eligible employees or family members will need to wait until the start of the next semester before eligible for the tuition remission benefit. For summer school and interterm, there must be five (5) paying students enrolled before tuition remission takes effect. For more information on eligibility and restrictions, contact the human resource office.


Bethany College provides a variable number of paid holiday days annually, but no less than 9, per the current holiday schedule. Holidays are figured by fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. Labor Day is a regular work day for Bethany College. Good Friday is a paid holiday.

Sick Leave

Non-faculty full-time employees earn sick leave at a rate of 18 days each fiscal year to a maximum accumulation of 45 days of sick leave; less than full-time eligible employees earn a pro-rata share based on their employment status. This accumulation starts after 60 days of employment.

Personal Day

Non-faculty eligible employees earn one day per year of personal leave to be taken at the employee’s discretion with supervisor’s approval. A personal day is available 60 days after employment and is figured from anniversary date to anniversary date. Personal days are a use it or lose it benefit; no cash payments in lieu of personal day allowed.


All full-time, three-quarter, and half-time non-faculty employees earn vacation after the completion of the twelve months of continuous employment. Vacation time cannot be carried over from anniversary year to anniversary year. Bethany College’s vacation is based on a use it or lose it system; no cash payments in lieu of vacation allowed.

Cafeteria Benefits

The college provides reduced-price meals at the cafeteria for all employees.

Campus Benefits

The college provides a complimentary activity ticket (through the use of the employee I.D.) which entitles the employee, spouse or guest, and dependent children to attend all athletic and most other campus activities and programs without charge.


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