Barbro Klein Pearson Professor 2012Swedish scholar Dr. Barbro Klein will visit Bethany College as the 2012 Pearson Distinguished Professor of Swedish Studies. Klein is a professor emerita of ethnology at Stockholm University and a director emerita and permanent fellow at the Swedish

Collegium for Advanced Study. She received her doctorate in folklore studies and anthropology at Indiana University and has taught at numerous institutions, including the University of California at Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Bergen in Norway.

Klein has written extensively on oral narration, rituals, museum displays, and other forms of expressive culture in complex multi-ethnic settings, primarily in the United States and Northern Europe. Her work and publications involve folkloristics, ethnology, anthropology, and museology.

While at Bethany, Klein taught Folklore and Everyday Life, which studied the importance and meaning of folklore in our everyday lives, both in North America and in Sweden. Students collected their own examples of folklore and explored oral narratives, such as personal experience stories, anecdotes, and legends, and their surprising linkages to ancient myths and structures; festivals and rituals; and visual folk art, especially linkages between folk art and individual life stories.

Klein’s public presentations included Laughing in Niono, Mali: On African Dilemmas, Dala Painting, Sweden and Swedish America:  The Cultural History of Heritage Making, On the Humanities and on Being Human in a Globalized World, and Reforming Women:  Swedish Folklife Studies and North American Anthropology, circa 1900.