The Institutional Review Board reviews proposals for college-affiliated research involving human subjects.

Projects are considered “research” if they involve a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge. Projects for which the end result is publication or public presentation are generally considered research. Human subjects are considered to be involved when interactions or interventions with living individuals are the primary source of data, or when data are collected from a private/confidential source.

Some examples of the types of projects that should be submitted to the IRB for approval include:

  • Surveys of the college community (students, staff, and/or faculty) about behaviors, beliefs, or preferences – The Office of Institutional Research will assist in conducting surveys for Bethany departments and organizations for administrative purposes.
  • Observations of people’s behavior for the purpose of research (i.e., gathering information to describe and share with others)
  • Interviews or focus groups for the purpose of research
  • Experiments involving human participants

Professors or coaches who assess, poll, or interview the students in their classes or teams are generally not engaging in research, and these normal classroom/team activities do not need to be submitted to the IRB.

At Bethany, faculty, staff, and students are required to submit their research proposals to the IRB.


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