FROST 00042Leadership roles in business and other organizations require carefully developed skills.

As part of Bethany College’s Business Department, you will have the opportunity to develop intellectual and practical skills that will serve you well throughout your lifetime and provide a basis for building a successful career.

We believe in active learning. By combining classes, experience, interaction and participation, we help you internalize what you are learning. Our goal is to help you apply your knowledge and skills to business situations and carry these methods and processes into your career.

Bethany’s faculty is committed to your success. Our average student-faculty ratio is 13:1, which allows us time to get to know you and become partners with you in your education.


Business Administration
Business Economics
Business Education Teaching 6-12
Management with International Management Concentration
Marketing with Emphasis in Network Marketing
Operations Management
Sports Management


Computer Applications


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Department Chair

David Frost, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Business
Office Social Science Center 26 Department of Business Phone: 785.227.3380, x8173
Photo of David Frost , M.S.


David Frost is an assistant professor of business at Bethany College. He joined the faculty in 2009, after serving as an adjunct at Bethany for three years. He teaches classes in business management and human relations.


Frost has experience in several areas of business management, including ownership, finance, marketing and human resources. He is also the founder of a non-profit boy’s home.


After completing his bachelor’s degree at Friends University, Frost earned his master’s of science degree in management at Friends in 2004. As an assistant professor of business, Frost hopes to share his experience and education with students while continuing to hone his own skills and knowledge in the field.