Students majoring in mathematics are prepared for careers requiring a solid foundation in problem solving and technical know-how. Bethany’s mathematics graduates also have a high placement rate in graduate schools.

The math pre-engineering program enables a student to obtain a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Bethany College and a master’s degree from another accredited engineering program (e.g. WSU, KSU, K-State)  in as few as five years.

The required courses for the program includes 52 hours completed at Bethany (Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Communications, and Computer Science) in addition to the Bethany Core (33 hours), where the student gains a liberal arts and science background and satisfying the general education requirements. A minimum of 85 semester hours of college credit granted by Bethany is required prior to transferring to an accredited engineering program. Credits can be earned for internships, job shadowing, and REU’s through Experience Based Education (EBE) Bethany courses.

Upon completing the engineering curriculum at a pre-approved university, the student receives both a bachelor’s from Bethany and a master’s from the university.  More detailed information about the math pre-engineering program is outlined in the Bethany College Academic Catalog.


Mathematics Teaching 6-12
Mathematics Teaching Middle Level


Physics Endorsement for Teacher Licensure 6-12




Math & Engineering Brochure

Photo of Peter Bryant , Ph.D.

Peter Bryant, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics Department of Mathematics & Physics
Office Nelson Science Center 126 Phone: 785.227.3380 x. 8540
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Photo of Pari Ford Ph.D.

Pari FordPh.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Assistant Faculty Athletics RepresentativeDepartment of Mathematics & Physics
Office Social Science 25 Department of Mathematics & Physics Phone: 785.227.3380 x. 8265 Read Biography
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Photo of Cuong Ngo , Ph.D.

Cuong Ngo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Department of Mathematics & Physics
Office Nelson Science Center 112 Phone: 785.227.3380 x. 8263
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