Students majoring in mathematics are prepared for careers requiring a solid foundation in problem solving and technical know-how. Bethany’s mathematics graduates also have a high placement rate in graduate schools.

A cooperative program with Wichita State University (WSU) allows a student to complete a Bachelor of Arts program with a mathematics major at Bethany College and a Master of Science in aerospace engineering at WSU by attending Bethany three years and completing an additional two years at WSU.

This 3+2 engineering program requires a minimum of 97 semester hours of college credit granted by Bethany College. Of the 97 semester hours 32 must be taken in residence at Bethany College immediately prior to entering the engineering program. Bethany will award upper-level credit for the successful completion of WSU engineering courses at or above the junior level. All other Bethany degree requirements must be met, including General Education requirements.

The 3+2 engineering program enables a student to concentrate on liberal arts and sciences preparation during the first three years, with engineering coursework coming at the end of the student’s program.


Engineering 3+2 Mathematics
Mathematics Teaching 6-12
Mathematics Teaching Middle Level


Physics Endorsement for Teacher Licensure 6-12



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