The Registrar’s Office maintains each current or former student’s permanent record. Transcripts are the certified copies of these records. Transcripts contain confidential information and cannot be furnished or released without the student’s or alumnus’ signed, specific request. Current students who wish to have a transcript request processed shortly after grades and/or degrees for a semester have been posted may indicate this in advance on the request.

Third Party Transcript Requests:

Transcripts can be requested by a third party (e.g.: college, university, employer) when the third party is covering the cost of the transcript. The third party must provide a signed release from the student, which can be uploaded as a PDF when ordering the transcript online.

Ordering Your Transcript:

Bethany College is pleased to offer Official Transcripts in electronic, fax and postal mail formats through its partnership with National Student Clearinghouse. Students may select a transcript in any format upon each request.  The Clearinghouse provides secure online ordering and delivery of your Bethany transcript! Safe, fast and easy – it is the most efficient way to order and send your transcript today!

Once the Registrar’s Office is notified by the National Student Clearinghouse of a student’s request for an official transcript, we will review the student’s record for accuracy and process the request within our office.  Please be aware that your transcript will NOT be released if a NDSL/Perkins Account is delinquent or if you have an outstanding obligation to Bethany College.

You will need:

  1. The mailing address or email address of where you want your transcript to go.  If you are sending your transcript to another college, check their website to obtain their address or email information.
  2. A major credit card or debit card. Your card will only be charged after your transcript has been sent.

It’s that easy! You can even receive updates to your phone or email to track the progress of your transcript request. Just enter your the appropriate information when prompted.

Please allow 3-5 days for processing. Transcript requests received 2 weeks before or after the beginning or end of a term may take up to 4 weeks for processing.

Current Transcript Fees are $8

Additional fees will be applied based on delivery method chosen as well as Clearinghouse processing costs.

Get started here: National Student Clearinghouse

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