Bethany Pathway is a new bold and innovative way of thinking about education. The total student experience is made of many separate activities in the classroom, on a team, in a club, and across campus; and at Bethany, all aspects of a student’s life blend seamlessly across the curricular and co-curricular. Graduates leave Bethany with a sense of vocation in the world, the abilities to become assets in the workplace and in their communities, and skills for the 21st century. Bethany Swedes succeed!

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Pathway cubeMissional Directions of Excellence

Activities are grounded in our core values of integrity, hospitality, community, servant leadership, and sustainability and are guided by the four Missional Directions of Excellence:

  • Discovery, Reflection, & Vocation drives learning in critical thinking, effective communication, information literacy, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Servant Leadership followed the example of Jesus of Nazareth, who led and served, spanning boundaries in service of a larger vision. Bethany graduates will create new visions as leaders in education, business, and ministry to others.
  • Global Citizenship prepares graduates for a flattening world, enabling them to appreciate a worldview and desire to become engaged in global issues.
  • Sustainable Living prepares students to lead sustainable lives and organizations by actively integrating social responsibility, economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and spiritual renewal–people, profit, planet, and prayer.

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All Bethany students, faculty, and staff are guided by the Missional Directions of Excellence, and when students hold a special interest in one, they can choose to minor in the direction and earn a scholarship for leading the campus’ related efforts. These Pathway Scholars spend approximately 10 hours per week learning about and living out their Directions of Excellence.

Focus on the First Year

The foundation of Bethany Pathway is set in the first year.  Every freshmen is designated a student mentor, called a Pathfinder, to help them adjust to and thrive in their new college lives. A specially-trained freshmen advisor guides first-year students through making class selections that are right for their talents and goals.

Bethany Quest

Students gain an understanding of Bethany throughout the two-year orientation program called Quest. By discovering the college’s core values, students also discover themselves and who they want to become as Swedes. The program is designed to help students uncover their inner gifts, interests, and vocations in the world.

Core Experience

Bethany students don’t take just the typical cafeteria-style general education—they engage with their own learning in interdisciplinary courses team-taught by professors and experts in the field. By focusing on educational outcomes rather than just assignments, students gain a deeper knowledge and skillset.

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Opportunities abound to learn through Experience-Based Education and international travel. EBE’s allow students to job shadow or intern while earning academic credit, gaining valuable knowledge and firsthand insight, learning practical skills, and defining their career goals. International experiences give students cultural perspective, appreciation for diversity, and a sense of world citizenship.


Each student’s entire Pathway is documented in an e-portfolio that allows potential employers to see their best work and individual strengths. In an increasingly results-oriented workplace, Bethany students’ e-portfolios are valuable assets.