Students can more deeply explore their interests by minoring in the Missional Directions of Excellence. They take a variety of courses to complete the minor as well participate in activities toward the directions. For their campus leadership, Pathway scholars are awarded scholarships.

All activities are grounded in our core values of integrity, hospitality, community, servant leadership, and sustainability and are guided by the four Missional Directions of Excellence:

  • Discovery, Reflection, & Vocation drives learning in critical thinking, effective communication, information literacy, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Global Citizenship prepares graduates for a flattening world, enabling them to appreciate a worldview and desire to become engaged in global issues.
  • Servant Leadership followed the example of Jesus of Nazareth, who led and served, spanning boundaries in service of a larger vision. Bethany graduates will create new visions as leaders in education, business, and ministry to others.
  • Sustainable Living prepares students to lead sustainable lives and organizations by actively integrating social responsibility, economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and spiritual renewal–people, profit, planet, and prayer.


Global Citizenship

This exciting interdisciplinary minor provides students opportunities to explore and engage in world issues through a combination of both local and international experiences. Students spend one semester of their junior years overseas studying and participating in a community-based learning experience that they develop. This unique minor affords the student the opportunity to explore, express, and share their knowledge, experiences, and insights from both a scholarly and creative perspective. The minor is open to students who apply for and receive a scholarship in Global Citizenship.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership at Bethany is based on Robert Greenleaf’s characteristics of a servant leader. The program merges the knowledge and skills of service to others with leading others. Bethany graduates are prepared to follow their paths as servant leaders to build a more just, caring, and sustainable world with hope and prosperity for future generations.

Bethany servant leaders advance the development of a caring, cooperative community that emphasizes service and involvement, a balanced approach to life and work, and the sharing of responsibility and recognition. They apply their skills as college students, as civic and community organizers, and as business managers and professionals after they graduate.


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Sustainable Living

Living sustainably at Bethany is about the planet, profit, people, and prayer. We understand sustainability to incorporate and integrate environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, social responsibility, and spiritual renewal. As we attend to these areas of life, we live and work in ways that sustain quality of life for the present and for future generations.



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