Many opportunities exist for  hands-on learning in the CJ Department at Bethany, including:  EBE (Experience-Based Education) thru Career Services, CJ397 Criminal Justice Practicum, and occasions to volunteer or serve as a paid/unpaid intern.

  • Experience Based Education is handled by Bethany College Career Services. For more information about EBE’s, please visit their webpages.

  • Internships – You may perform an internship, either paid or unpaid, at your convenience.  If you apply for an EBE or Practicum first, you may be able to receive college credit for your internship.

  • Practicum – CJ397 Practicum is a variable-credit course, with 50 hours of time spent at your organization equalling 1 credit.  You may take up to 6 hours of credit for a practicum.

You must complete an EBE, either EB297 or EB397, prior to enrolling in CJ397 Practicum. The programs are very similar in structure, including the way in which you apply, how you submit assignments, and how the programs are managed. By successfully completing an EBE, you will be better prepared for a Practicum. EBE will allow you up to 12 hours per semester (3 during interterm); Practicum allows up to 6 credits. It is recommended you take an EBE during Interterm and Practicum during the Spring, Summer, or Fall semesters.

Criminal Justice EBE/Practicum Opportunities

Duties here will involve learning all aspects of the police department, from communication and records to patrol and investigations.
Download the application here.

Phoenix Police is proud to offer an internship program to students wishing to gain experience that will prove invaluable in their path to pursue a career in government or law enforcement. The primary role of a student intern is a support functions.
Download the application here.

Saline County Court Services offers intern opportunities year round. Interns will start off learning about the operations of Court Services and end up with an actual caseload of clients.
Download the application here.

U.S. Probation Office Interns will work under the guidance of U.S. Probation Officers in the normal course of their duties, which include pretrial investigations and supervision, pre-sentence investigations, and post-release offender supervision. Interns will be allowed to perform some of the duties assigned to probation officers while under the direction and guidance of an officer. Interns will be expected to complete orientation and training relevant to the U.S. Courts and the U.S. Probation Office to gain an understanding of the U.S. Probation Office and its role in the Federal Court system. Interns will be expected to assist officers and support staff with case file management and other support functions, and shall be responsible to maintain confidentiality in all areas of work. Interns will be expected to complete a minimum of 120 hours of work during a school semester.
Download part 1 of the application here.
Download part 2 of the application here.

The Kansas Highway Patrol sponsors the Kansas Collegiate Law Enforcement Academy on an annual basis; the 2019 course will run from May 12 – May 15, 2019.  The cost of the academy is $125, which includes room and board.  This is an immersive academy during which students will learn many facets of the agency, including:  

  • Situational awareness
  • Ethics
  • Search & seizure
  • Firearms
  • Driving
  • and much, much more.

Download the information packet.

The Kansas Guardianship Program is a partnership involving the State of Kansas and citizen volunteers.

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