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Career exploration is a large component of the Bethany College student experience. We encourage students to explore careers and occupations by interacting with local employers: attend request and perform job shadowing experiences, conduct informational interviews, and intern in different areas of interest through our Experience Based Education program. Please interact with, mentor, and educate our students to help them find their passion and vocation, so they will continue to strengthen this community as you have done.

On this page, you’ll find the resources to help connect you with our students and alumni in their internship and job search processes.

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Join us on-campus for Career Services events! Host a booth at a networking fair, present on a topic of interest at the Senior Career Conference, network with students in your industry, and more! Contact Career Services for information on upcoming events!

Experience Based Education

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Experience Based Education | Career Services | Student On-campus Employment

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Caitlin Rethorst

Assistant Dean of Student Development/Director of Career Services
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