Sophomore Year: Explore Your Options!

Career paths are rarely linear, and the exploration process is very similar. This year, research any remaining questions and get on the right career path. Use this roadmap and the tools around you to move deliberately toward a career identity—find the right “fit” for you!

Checklist for Success in Year 2: DO RESEARCH

  • Continue meeting with Career Services, your faculty advisor, and other mentors until you solidify your major choice.
  • Attend Career Services events to learn about different majors and career paths. Get to know employers in your fields of interest.
  • Tour and visit companies and organizations to evaluate the work environment—do this either in the Lindsborg-area or back home during interterm or summer!
  • Shadow professionals in the field for maximum exposure to different occupations. Enroll in Experience Based Education to receive academic credit for shadowing experiences throughout the semester
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in careers that interest you. Career Services can help you get connected with these people!
  • Get an on- or off-campus part-time job related to your field of study.
  • Connect majors to careers: Your major may be directly related to your career—or it may not be! Never feel restricted by your major, rather think about what beneficial skills your major provides. These profiles offer a sense of the diversity of careers available within each major:
  • Think about applying for leadership roles on campus.
  • Can’t decide on a major?You can always double major, if you want to pursue multiple academic programs. Also, consider a minor or further education after a bachelor’s degree.

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