Katelynn ’21 | Biology

Rainbows United: Kids’ Cove | Wichita, KS

I chose to do my EBE at Rainbows: Kids’ Cove because I wanted to solidify my interest in becoming an occupational therapist. However, I also got to explore a couple of different options within the field by being allowed to shadow physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, as well as occupational therapists. I had an amazing experience and found that the work in the early childhood development stage is very interesting and fulfilling. This gave me a solid basis of medical terminology and advice from those I shadowed that I am able to build upon. This experience allowed me to find that this is the type of environment I want to work in.


Mia ’18 | Elementary Education Major

The City Teen Center | Salina, KS

While at the City (Teen Town), I would mentor students from Lakewood Middle School and Central High school. The new knowledge and skills I learned was that not every student is the same and building a relationship with the students is the key to being a successful mentor. The students look up to you and know that you will be there for them through any hard times. One of my favorite experiences was learning about the students and building a relationship with the students as well! The City was a great experience for me, and it was great to learn there are more ways to work with students besides being in a classroom!


Pifa ’18 | Business Administration

Saint Francis Community Services | Salina, KS

I wanted to be able to see and experience the business side of a psychiatric facility, which is the main reason I decided to do the EBE at Saint Francis Community Services. My experience at Saint Francis Community Services was great; I was able to work with great people and was able to meet upper management for networking. I gained so much knowledge during my five months at Saint Francis Community Services, such as learning to read an income statement, interviewing, strategic planning, reviewing cameras, scheduling, and much more!


Dominique ’19 | Exercise Science

El Camino High School Athletic Training | Oceanside, CA

This past winter, I observed the Athletic Trainer from my high school. I spent a lot of time there in high school as an athlete, and I was curious to see how she handled different athletes and their injuries and what went on when athletes weren’t there. There weren’t too many athletes around during the day but there was always a game or practice going on every night. I watched how she interacted with the kids and learned that the best way to treat high school kids is like they are adults and honestly with them. I really enjoyed being able to sit down and talk to her about what it takes to run a high school Athletic Training Room behind the scenes. It was definitely an experience that will help me once I get into my career.


Kayla ’19 | Art Administration

Hemslojd | Lindsborg, KS

This spring, I spent the semester interning at the Hemslojd, a Scandinavian gift shop, in Lindsborg, Kansas. It was a fantastic experience! I enjoyed being a part of the Hemslojd family and exploring all facets of the business—from cataloging to running the gift shop to painting folk art to glass etching. I was able to learn new skills about retail and apply the visual art aspect successfully.

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