• Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress, both in terms of grade point average attained and credit hours earned, in order to retain financial aid eligibility. For federal aid recipients, a GPA of at least 2.0 by the end of sophomore year of enrollment is required. Students are responsible for consulting the Bethany College Catalog to obtain more specific information about grade point standards and pace requirements for maintaining satisfactory academic progress. BETHANY SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS REQUIRE  FULL-TIME ENROLLMENT.
  • Students may request a review of aid eligibility at any time if unusual circumstances affect the family’s finacial situation. Upon receiving the written request and submission of appropriate documentation, aid eligibility will be recalculated and the financial aid offer may be revised, if additional funds are available.
  • Students are required to report any additional aid received, regardless of the source. Receipt of additional aid may result in an adjustment to the student’s award offer. If aid eligibility has already been met, it may be necessary to reduce another aid.
  • Disbursement of awards from sources outside of Bethany College is dependent upon receipt of funds from those sources. Students are responsible for obtaining any required applications and requesting any documentation from the appropriate offices which may be required for continuation of these awards.
  • If a student withdraws before attending any classes, he is entitled to a full refund. If a student withdraws from all classes before the end of the semester, he may be entitled to a partial refund. If a student has received federal funds, Bethany College must abide by the federal refund policy, as stated in the Catalog.
  • If the student has a credit balance on their account after charges have been posted and aid has been applied, they may request a refund. No refund checks will be issued for anticipated credit balances.
  • Aid is applied first to tuition, then to residential life charges, and finally to any other charges assessed.
  • Changes in housing status, i.e. living off campus, could result in changes to a financial aid offer. Students must let the Office of Financial Aid know of any changes made.
  • Consumer information: crime statistics, information on campus security, and descriptions of substance abuse awareness and revention programs are in the Student Handbook. Information about financial aid to participants in athletic programs is available from Institutional Research, the Athletic Office and Office of Financial Aid.
  • Students who are convicted of an offense during a period of enrollment for which they received Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) Federal Student Aid (whether grants, loans or work-study), under any federal or state law involving the possession or sale of illegal drugs may lose their eligibility for any Title IV, HEA grants, loan, or work-study assistance. However, they do have the ability to have their eligibility re-instated. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.
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Office of Financial Aid

Office Presser Hall, Suite 122 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 1 – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday Phone: (785) 227-3380, ext. 8248 or 8344 Work Fax: (785) 227-8993
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