Theatre awards require an audition. You may be eligible to receive an award even if you are not a theatre/communication major.

The audition consists of two contrasting monologues, one comic and the other dramatic, each 90 to 120 seconds in length. One of the monologues may be classical (Greek, Shakespearean, French Neo-classical, etc.) or both may be contemporary. They are to be performed in a theatrical as opposed to a forensics style.

Students auditioning for a performance award should be prepared to work with the director on at least one of the monologues. Auditions usually last about 30 minutes. Family and friends are not allowed to watch the auditions. It is a good idea for the student who is auditioning to let the director know ahead of time which pieces he or she will be performing.

You are welcome to visit campus anytime and to audition, or to attend Bethany’s annual, Art, Music & Theatre Awards Day.


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