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Bethany works hard to provide a strong, quality educational experience at an exceptional price.

Estimated Charges for 2018-2019

These represent the typical charges incurred by most students. However, charges may vary based upon the student’s choice of room , meal plan, etc.

(Books, activity & enhancement, health)


Room (New Residence Hall) $6,615
19 Meal Plan $4,800
Total $39,890


Double Room (typical charge)
Double as a Single
Single Room
Swede Suites
New Residence Hall Double/Quad
New Residence Hall Single
Alma Swensson Hall (double, triple, or quad)


19 Meal Plan
13 Meal Plan
7 Meal Plan (Suites, off-campus)

Approximate Insurance Costs

Domestic (U.S. Citizen) students are encouraged to have health insurance coverage. The College only requires that students participating in intercollegiate athletics provide evidence of Accident Insurance. Domestic Students participating in intercollegiate athletics who do not have coverage are automatically enrolled in and charged for a $5,000 Accident policy. All international students are required to purchase health insurance coverage through the college.

Athletic Plan
Student Athlete Insurance (charged to all student athletes)
International Student Plan

Fine Arts Costs

Music Lessons/credit hour
Accompanist Fee/semester Students enrolled in MU181 or MU381
Art Materials Students taking art classes will need to be prepared to pay for supplies such as clay, metal, and photography supplies in addition to tuition. Cost Varies

 Part-Time Students

1-7 hours
per credit hour $560.00
per semester Activity Fee $50.00
per semester Enhancement Fee $25.00
8-11 hours
per credit hour $1055.00
per semester Activity Fee $100.00
per semester Enhancement Fee $50.00
ACCK (for 1-7 hours)
per credit hour $415.00
 Applied Arts Fees
tuition per credit hour+fees  $75.00/class ($300.00 maximum & $75.00 Liberal Arts)

Each student is required to be prepared to pay for their cost to attend Bethany College less any financial aid before the first day of class for each semester.