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Welcome Parents & Family to Bethany College! We are so happy that you are part of our Bethany family. Bethany College is a small, private college in Kansas that prides itself on the high level of engagement of its student body in all areas of college life – from academics to athletics to music to clubs and organizations to community service. While many college students sit around waiting for their education to “happen to them,” Bethany students are active doers who go to class, play (and win) in highly rated teams, work in the community, perform on campus, and test their knowledge in internships.

Bethany students are accomplished and responsible multitaskers, and they do this in an intimate, safe, and supportive environment. Faculty and staff know them, and actively support their development and success.

While Bethany College is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), Bethany College actively embraces all faiths and demonstrates it daily in the experience it provides on campus. It considers faith an important aspect of life and education, not a way to exclude those outside of the ELCA affiliation. This is a core value that will not change.

Bethany College is a place with proven accomplishments. Its athletic teams are serious competitors who have won many NAIA awards. Its academic programs in education, art, music, and campus ministries are well known and highly regarded. Its music festivals and other performances are major cultural events that draw visitors to the campus.

Thank you for choosing Bethany College and welcome to our family.

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