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Junior Year: Intern and Lead!

At this point, you’re applying classroom learning to a work setting, and you’re able to affirm your career decision. Preparation this year will make for a smooth transition into the workforce or graduate school.

  • Checklist for Success in Year 3: MAKE DECISIONS
    • Consider what you have learned from self-assessment and research. Weigh the pros and cons. If you haven’t, narrow down to two or three options.
    • Check in with Career Services about your job search strategy.
    • Get a resume and cover letter review in Career Services.
    • Attend the Career Fair and other career events to obtain an internship and prepare for the job/graduate school search.
    • Participate in experiential learning to utilize classroom knowledge in a professional setting: EBE, departmental practicum, research, student teaching, etc.
    • Participate in service projects with employers—network and give back!
    • Conduct a mock interview with a faculty member or in Career Services.
    • Research graduate programs and determine timelines for applications.
    • Take on leadership roles in on- and off-campus groups.
    • Join professional organizations in your field.

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Caitlin Rethorst

Assistant Dean of Student Development/Director of Career Services
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